In 2010, as I was working on portraits in Rishikesh, I met Ananda Baba, an extremely gentle and learned sadhu. His plan was to leave the next day for the traditional Yatra pilgrimage. Something resonated in my heart. A year later, I returned to Rishikesh and began this solitary walk. I could not plan anything about what I was going to experience, nor about what was to be photographed with my freshly dusted Leica M. Slowly, one step at a time, the essence of the series began to emerge: a dialogue between the perishable bodies of the sadhus, for whom this life is a mere transition between samsara and moksha, and the seemingly eternal elements of the mythical mountain. It has taken me four years to go back to the as-of-yet unreleased material. The YATRA diptychs are finally complete.

(Text: D. Cukierman)

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